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Tradesman Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance is important in a customer’s home or other premises.

Any company that has any employees needs employers liability insurance by law. The insurance will cover you if an employee is injured or dies or you are being sued by an employee of your company.

As a tradesman you may find that at some point during your line of work you need to employ staff this introduces a new amount of risk to yourself, as you are liable for their work and safety.

By law if you employ staff you must hold employers liability insurance

Public liability insurance

Tradesman public liability insurance

Perhaps one of the most common causes for a claim in the tradesman industry is damage or loss to a third party. This is caused by a tradesman i.e. builders either being negligent by not fixing a tile to a roof properly this then falls causing damage to a third party. The damages caused as a result of this would hold the builder accountable and if not properly covered with public liability insurance then their financial assists and possibly their business would be at risk.

Professional Indemnity: As a professional you are selling your knowledge and expertise to customers – you may be doing so in a number of different ways including providing consultancy and advisory services and perhaps producing designs.

Professional indemnity insurance can offer protection in situations when you make an error in your work, or give to a client that isn’t up to scratch. The client may file a claim against your business for compensation if they suffer financial loss as a result of this.

In this situation you could be faced with legal costs that could cripple your business, regardless of whether you feel the blame resides with your company or not. Professional Indemnity insurance can cover the cost of any ensuing compensation, the legal costs you might be faced with, and help to keep your business on its feet.

Buildings Cover: You can take out buildings insurance to cover your business premises.

Business / Office Equipment: Provides cover for business equipment whether it is lost, stolen or accidentally damaged whilst in the UK.

Tools: Covers your hand tools & power tools in the event of loss, theft or accidental damage. You can also choose to include tools whilst left in your vehicle overnight.

Contract Works: As a contractor working on site, contract conditions may make you responsible for the works and materials whilst on site. Cover can be provided up to £500,000 depending on the nature of your contracts.

All trades covered

Public Liability – cover yourself for damage to property or injury to others

Employers Liability – cover as required by the law

Personal Tool cover – all risks cover for your personal hand tools

Personal Accident – protect your income if you are injured

Construction Plant – all risks cover for your own and hired in plant and machinery

Contractor All Risks – all risks cover for your materials and contracts

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