The E-Cigarette Debate – What is Their Future?

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The E-Cigarette Debate

Smoking kills as we are often reminded. It’s a fact that all smokers are familiar with.You are more likely to die from cancer if you smoke cigarettes on a regular basis. Recent articles in the press and online have been becoming increasingly vocal about the potential dangers of electronic cigarettes.Cigarette manufacturers around the world have considerable influence over policy makers across the globe.

If our government truly had our interests foremost in their minds, they would save us from ourselves and ban cigarettes from sale in the UK. They have legislated in order to ‘save us’ from far less dangerous products and activities.

In the UK we have a Government that is prepared to risk strangling industry with health and safety red tape in order to mitigate a small risk to workers, while at the same time ignoring the 100,000 annual deaths that are caused by smoking. Tobacco currently earns the Government £12.1 Billion annually, and that money would have to be found elsewhere if smoking was to be banned. Are we to assume that the Government doesn’t mind too much about 100,000 deaths annually because they are profitable deaths? E-Cigarettes have been proven to reduce smoking… read the report here

It would be highly unlikely that electronic cigarettes will escape regulation completely because with their use growing as rapidly as it is, being able to tax e-liquid must look very inviting to the Chancellor. Currently a bottle of e-liquid costs £4.99 and is the direct equivalent of about 200 cigarettes. 200 cigarettes would cost you £60 – £80 depending on your preferred brand, so the saving at present are significant.There are two industries that will potentially be affected if electronic cigarette use continues to grow, the tobacco industry and the smoking cessation industry. Patches and gum don’t really measure up to the satisfying nicotine hit that you get from a vaporizer. The tobacco industry can’t really argue on health grounds because their product is proven to kill people. It makes you wonder if they are quietly supporting the smoking cessation publicity though… it would make sense.

The convenience of an e-cigarette

The Governments main concern it seems to me is in how it can effectively tax e-liquid in order to replace the lose tobacco income it currently receives. If you can make e-liquid at home with household ingredients then there will always be an ‘underground’ supply avoiding any duty levied on official products. Yes, official suppliers will warn us of the dangers of unauthorized supplies, in much the same way as we were warned about counterfeit cigarettes…. As long as they taste ok and have nicotine in them we weren’t that concerned as I recall…. how electronic cigarettes and vaporizers work

The fate of e-cigarettes will be decided in the coming months and years. Their growing popularity of the e-cigarette will force the Government to make a decision to either regulate them to one extent or another or to ban them if our Politicians can’t work out how to effectively tax them. It seems unlikely that e-cigarette and vaporizers will escape regulation. This is mostly because they have the potential to significantly reduce the tobacco tax revenue the Government receives annually. If that revenue can’t be replaced, then regardless of whether e-cigs are less harmful or not, the financial implications of their usage would be too great to tolerate.

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