Guest Blogging Guidelines – How to Start Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging Guidelines

Guest blogging is a fantastic way to build traffic to your website or blog. Guest blogging is becoming a very popular way to increase your popularity by building links from high quality guest blogs to your content.

Important points for guest blogging;

  • Do not automate your guest blogging process
  • Write high quality, unique content for each submission
  • Focus on niche themed guest blogs
  • Use different link text from each guest post

How to Find Guest Blogging Sites

You can find suitable blogs that accept guest blogging posts by searching in google for your blog niche + ‘guest blogging” or “guest blog submission”.

You should focus on high quality blogs that are specific to your niche.

You should also make sure that your blog is fighting fit and suitable to rank well in Google search. It needs to be fast, mobile friendly and optimised with all the right keywords in the right places. CRWD low cost web design consultants will build you your perfect website.

The purpose of your guest blog is to create a high quality content piece, on a respected, high quality site, that links to your content.

Once you have published a guest blogging post, you should create a few links pointing to your new guest post. The reason for this is that Google likes to see links coming to your blog pages from pages that have incoming links pointing to them too.

It is Googles way of confirming that the pages that are linking to your blog are worthy of receiving inbound links too.

Another important point is that the links to your links need to be indexed by Google in order to support your main blog pages. The easiest way to index those new pages is to ping them first, then link to them socially and add a few social bookmarks. Combined this will ensure that each of your posts is found by the search engines and is counted as a valid link supporting your main blog.

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