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Virtually all fires start small but grow very rapidly. If a fire can be detected soon enough, and fought immediately, it will take surprisingly little water to put it out.

With a Domestic Sprinkler Systems this is reduced However, if it is allowed to grow unhindered, it will make a room untenable within 2 minutes.

latest official figures show there were 114,000 building fires which resulted in over 800 deaths and 18,200 injuries during that year.

Of these – 68,000 were fires in dwellings which caused 590 deaths and 14,000 injuries. These statistics clearly show that your home is a dangerous place.

In fact fires in the home account for over 60% of all building fires and over 75% of all casualties. You are three times more likely to die in a fire at home than anywhere else.

Smoke alarms give good warning of fires but are only effective if there is anyone there to hear them. What happens if you are deaf or bedridden or – simply not there? A recent report shows that over 95% of children for instance will sleep through a smoke alarm.

So what can we do to improve the situation? We certainly cannot expect the fire brigade to respond any quicker. In fact with modern traffic causing so much congestion response times are likely to get worse – not better.

Domestic Sprinkler System


Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems and Domestic Fire Sprinkler Systems

Residential fire sprinkler systems:

Generally speaking, a Domestic Sprinkler Systems will be installed in higher risk properties like Care Homes, Hostels, or Flats in which have been poorly converted.

Domestic Sprinkler Systems are being installed throughout the UK. They are a relatively recent development, and like any other plumbing system, the pipe work is concealed within the fabric of the building. The development of concealed sprinkler heads ensures that there is a minimum visual impact on the internal décor of the room.

A Residential fire sprinkler system installed to BS9251 with smoke detection provides The best residential fire protection for the inhabitants of a building should a fire develop in that property.

Some of the benefits of Domestic Sprinkler Systems:

  • No one in the UK has ever died as a result of a fire in a building with a working sprinkler system
  • With a Domestic Sprinkler Systems, you have a 97% chance of surviving a fire.
  • Only the sprinkler heads in the immediate vicinity of the fire actually operate.
  • Sprinklers do not generate ‘false alarm’. They will only operate in the event of an actual fire.
  • For a small additional cost, an alarm switch can be built-in to the system to call the fire brigade automatically
  • Maintenance cost for sprinklers is low.


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