How to Increase your Blog Traffic

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How to Increase your Blog Traffic


The best way to make your blog successful is to increase your blog traffic. There are several ways to do this, but the most successful in the long term is to get either search engine traffic or social media traffic to your individual posts by optimizing your posts for the main keywords that each post is discussing.

The most popular free WordPress plugin for optimizing content is ‘SEO by Yoast’ which will make sure that all of our posts are optimized for search. It is very easy to use.

If you make sure that each post complies with Yoast recommendations then it will stand a chance to rank well.

All it then needs is to have a few backlinks from other blogs, social media, social bookmarking or forums pointing at it in order to push it up the rankings.

Organic search engine traffic is free, and very profitable once your posts reach the front page for any competitive search term.

If you want to find out the best keywords to use, use Google keyword tool to find keywords with traffic for you.

Each blog post that you publish should be shared across your social media, social bookmarking, etc in order to create a buzz and get people talking about and visiting your blog.

In the early days of your blogging career this will be a slow and thankless task, but it will pay dividends in time if you stick with it as you will increase your blog traffic by doing so.

Find out more about how to increase your blog traffic at Deeho SEO London where you will find all the principles of good SEO that will work for your London company. However you seek to increase your blog traffic, getting other websites to link to your pages is an important part of the process. OWL Backlink Builders will create high powered backlinks for your SEO that really work.

Think of each link as another pathway to find you. The more pathways you create, the more people will come across your content and create links of their own too.

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